Talk: Gradle Plugin Goodness

If you find yourself copying and pasting code from your application's build.gradle file every time you start a new project, then it's time you learn about creating Gradle plugins. In this presentation you will learn what it takes to create a custom Gradle plugin for use in your Android/Java applications. 

It covers: Plugin Structure, Key Plugin Components, Testing, and Publishing


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Testing Tricks #4 - Improving Readability

Readability is one of the key components to creating high quality unit and integration tests. Yet, we may hinder the readability of our tests by bogging them down with needless information. Let's take a look at an example.

Creating Your Own Video Course, Part II: Execution

In Part I of this series, I discussed what it takes to prepare your own video course. In this part we'll talk about the tools and processes you can use to plan for and record the actual videos. So let's get started...