Fragmented Podcast Chat

I was recently a guest on one of my favorite podcasts, Fragmented. It's a podcast that focuses on tips and tricks for improving the Android Development experience. 

We talked all about Gradle, the build system that is used for running, testing, and packaging Android applications. I wanted to share some of the highlights.


[02:31]: Kaushik attempts to discover if my time at The Washington Post was as exciting as the Spotlight movie.

[04:35]: Talking about my new work at Off Grid Electric.

[06:50]: We starting digging into some of the benefits of the Gradle build system.

[09:15]: We discuss build flavors and how they allow you to have different variations of your application.

[10:20]: Donn asks a question many have wondered: Why do we have some many .gradle files when we start a new Android application?

[12:22]: We discuss how the settings.gradle file is used.

[13:35]: How does the Gradle plugin structure benefit Android developers.

[16:40]: Donn introduces us to Gradle tasks. Then we talk about how they're connected to plugins.

[24:10]: We do a quick overview of Creating a Custom Gradle Plugin

[31:00]: We start talking about improving the Gradle build times. 

Then as an extra bonus, Chiu-Ki Chan, fellow Android GDE, made an awesome Sketchnote of the entire episode.