Conference: Android Summit 2015

This is how Android Summit started for me! A delightful dinner for the speakers where I had the chance to make some new friends; including the friendly conference committee lead by folks at Capital One.

The highlight of any conference is the keynote, and I was excited to learn all about becoming an Android "Expert" from Chiu-Ki Chan! She explained how we can use blog posts, public speaking, videos, and books to share our expertise and thus become "experts".  

The conference consisted of two tracks: Development and Design. I decided to put on my design hat and attend a few sessions.  I really enjoyed the talks on prototyping with Pixate and thinking like an Animator.

After that I had to scurry off and present my talk on developing maintainable apps. I really loved the positive energy from the crowd and the head nods as I explained the annoyances of messy code:-(

Considering this is the first time the conference was held, I'd say it was a smash hit. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next year!