Testing Your Apps with AWS Device Farm

Recently, I've been on a mission to enhance the quality of the tests in the Android applications that I work on.  To that end, I was introduced to the AWS Device Farm, a cloud based app testing platform.

It was very simple to set up and like most AWS products comes with free tier usage. You move through five steps (at most) and then your app will be tested on the devices you choose.  To get an idea of how it works, just follow the screenshots below.

1. Choose Your Application

2. Configure a test

3. Select Devices

Then you are presented with some additional device configuration options (bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc.). Finally, you have the ability to review and submit your run configuration. Once all of the devices have completed running your tests you can then drill down and view the individual results of each test.

Test Results

If you try it out, leave me your thoughts below.