Android Devs Listen Up!

So listening to podcasts used to be the "thing", then it wasn't the "thing" anymore, and now it's back to being the "thing" to do.  So with that in mind I thought I'd share some of my favorite podcasts for Android developers.


So Fragmented is a podcast for Android Developers that focuses on providing information about the trends in Android Development and the best tools available to produce quality applications.  What I like about this podcast is that the hosts are actual developers responsible for building and maintaining apps that are in the wild, so it lends credibility to the advice that they provide.

Favorite Episodes So Far:

Android Developers Backstage

Android Developers Backstage is also focused on Android as the name implies, however it is hosted by two Google employees.  So it allows you to hear the motivation behind some of the platform decisions and get a better understanding of how Google intended for certain APIs and tools to be used by developers.

Java Posse

Finally, I leave you with the Java Posse podcast. I only just discovered this one and unfortunately they are no longer making any new episodes. However, the archives are still available and they are full of great content for Java developers.  Each and every episode that I've heard so far has left me with at least one idea that I can use to continue growing as a Java developer.

Favorite Episodes So Far:

Unfortunately I don't know of any technical podcasts where the hosts are women, so if you do, please leave me a comment below. Thanks!