Unix History Command

In order to save myself from painstakingly typing the same commands over and over again I invested a little time in learning about the Unix history command. One workflow that I have found very useful is the following:

!vi - repeats the last vi command that I typed (apply this to any command)
!! - repeats the last command that I typed

history - prints out the entire history with the associated number for each command
100 - vi info.txt
101 - mv info.txt noinfo.txt

history > myhistory.txt - this will store the contents of my history in a file for later reference

Using the information derived from history I can then do the following:
!100 - this will perform the command vi info.txt
more !:$ - this will take the first argument of the last command and perform a new command on it. So in this instance I will essentially have more info.txt.

Amazing stuff, hunh!

Print Screen for the Mac

There is no Print Screen button on the Mac, so you must type the following to print the screen.

Shift + Command + 3 - This will send a png file to your desktop of entire page
Shift + Command + 4 - This will allow you to select what portion of the screen to capture