Unix History Command

In order to save myself from painstakingly typing the same commands over and over again I invested a little time in learning about the Unix history command. One workflow that I have found very useful is the following:

!vi - repeats the last vi command that I typed (apply this to any command)
!! - repeats the last command that I typed

history - prints out the entire history with the associated number for each command
100 - vi info.txt
101 - mv info.txt noinfo.txt

history > myhistory.txt - this will store the contents of my history in a file for later reference

Using the information derived from history I can then do the following:
!100 - this will perform the command vi info.txt
more !:$ - this will take the first argument of the last command and perform a new command on it. So in this instance I will essentially have more info.txt.

Amazing stuff, hunh!