GR8Conf US 2016 Recap

This was my first time attending GR8Conf and it was a really great experience. I primarily focus on Android Development now, but I enjoy dabbling in some API Development when I find the time. This conference was very inspiring and I plan on investigating many of the new things that I learned. Here are a few highlights of the event:

Talk: Gradle Plugin Goodness

If you find yourself copying and pasting code from your application's build.gradle file every time you start a new project, then it's time you learn about creating Gradle plugins. In this presentation you will learn what it takes to create a custom Gradle plugin for use in your Android/Java applications.

Talk: From Grails to Android

One of the key new features of Grails 3 is the use of Gradle for its build system. The Android Framework also uses the Gradle build system to build, test, run and package applications. In this talk, learn how to move from developing applications for Grails 3 to Android.